El Zonte


El Zonte is a small beach town with a welcoming local community and year-round surf. With enough time you’ll come to know everyone by face and name, from the local fisherman to small business owners. This little paradise is truly magical — offering breathtaking views of the ocean, sunset and lush mountain scapes. Get involved with one of the open-to-all beach workouts, enjoy traditional eats from the local pupuseria and improve your surf skills on either the right, and/or left breaks. El Zonte is one of the most coveted locations for residential or rental property!


El Zonte is 45 minutes from San Salvador and the San Salvador International airport.


Sunny almost 365 days a year! The dry season is from November to March, and the rainy season brings nightly showers from April to October. The water is always warm.




US Dollar or Bitcoin


El Zonte offers 3 surf breaks: a right, left and beach break

Local Spots

Puro Surf, Palo Verde, Canegue Cafe, Esencia Nativa, Olas Permanentes & more

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