El Palmarcito


El Palmarcito is a small beach town located about 20 minutes from La Libertad and about 50 minutes from San Salvador. Palmar is home to boutique hotels, great restaurants, a right and left surf break as well as incredible scenery and beach access. If you’re looking to for a residential or rental opportunity walking distance from the beach, Palmar is a great option.


El Palmarcito is 45 minutes from San Salvador and the San Salvador International airport.


Sunny almost 365 days a year! The dry season is from November to March, and the rainy season brings nightly showers from April to October. The water is always warm.




US Dollar or Bitcoin


El Palmarcito is home to a right and left point break. Palmar beach tends to be less crowded which makes it a great spot to surf.

Local Spots

La Isla, Pelicanos, natural tide pools & other local spots

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