Goodlife People: A Q+A with Nathalia Torres from INATA


Goodlife People: A Q+A with Nathalia Torres from INATA

Next up, in our #GoodlifePeople Series, we are featuring Nathalia Torres, the creator of INATA , an interior design studio based in El Salvador. The full Q+A below.

PS… Contact us if you, or someone you know, would like to participate in this series! Enjoy.


I am Nathalia Torres, an entrepreneur driven by creativity and innovation. My journey began with crafting jewelry in my youth and evolved into the founding of ‘INATA,’ an interior design firm that seamlessly merges architecture and design. My quest for inspiration led me to ‘Applied Arts’ in NIMES, France, where I embraced the harmonious connection between culture and design. As ‘INATA’ thrived, I expanded into ‘Kiero,’ a furniture brand inspired by minimalism and sustainability, born to complement our design ethos. My personal journey is marked by the constant pursuit of pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges.

Tell us about INATA, what was the inspiration for the business and the name? When did it start?

INATA, derived from “innate,” embodies the idea that design should enhance the innate beauty of spaces without overshadowing their inherent architecture. Founded in 2015, INATA is an interior design studio that celebrates the golden ratio, nature, and beauty to breathe life into spaces.

What services do you offer? Do you offer worldwide services or consultancy?

INATA offers comprehensive interior design and furniture design services. Our reach extends worldwide, with successful projects spanning Canada, Chile, the U.S, and Panama.

Tell us about the process of your services?

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of the client’s space and requirements to establish a realistic budget. We then collaborate closely with the client to develop and refine the design, ensuring it aligns with their vision. From design to execution, we bring the envisioned spaces to life.


We know INATA has a sister brand Kiero! Could you tell us about it please?

Kiero is our sister brand, conceived to fulfill INATA’s design needs for furnishing elegant but minimalist designed spaces.

As an interior designer, what do you look at, before investing in a property?

When considering property investments, I focus on elements like the view, architectural distribution, finishing details, open spaces, and how they interact with nature and surroundings.

Share some tips for remodeling your space.

To embark on a successful remodeling journey, create a wishlist and prioritize three essential elements. Avoid over-saturation and allow spaces to breathe, as less can often be more when it comes to creating a harmonious environment.


Give us 3 reasons to hire an interior designer.

Hiring an interior designer ensures a wise investment rather than extravagant spending, tailored designs that match your style and needs, and the gift of time to truly enjoy your spaces without the stress of managing them.

This is more a personal question, what would you recommend to others when they visit El Salvador? You can be specific, list restaurants or activities or hotels?

El Salvador offers an array of delights for visitors. Explore the rich seafood at Polpo and savor Salvadoran-inspired donuts at OLM. Embrace the country’s diverse climate and embark on adventurous journeys that can be experienced in just a week.

If you could share one message with the world about El Salvador what would it be?

El Salvador, a land of greatness, welcomes you with open arms to experience its climate and adventurous wonders.

Rapid Fire, Vamos!

One word to describe El Salvador?


One of your favorite restaurants? 

Polpo, renowned for its exceptional seafood.

A local brand you are loving right now?

Ok Let’s Much, known for their Salvadoran-inspired donuts.

One item you can’t live without when it comes to your interior space?

Plants, sensorial items.

One thing you want to try in 2023?


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